Tim Thomas

Dirt Track Number 33

URL: racetraxentrypoint.com


Ascot TT National 1972 on the Carrol Jackson Triumph


Sandia AHRMA Kool Bike Award 2006

Rider Bio:
I started riding dirt tracks in central California in 1966 on a Triumph Cub at the Fresno Motorcycle Club track, fondly nicknamed "Blood Bowl." I graduated to a 650 in '67 and turned Expert in September. I started making the monthly trek to Ascot Park to race the TTs in '68.

I rode class C off and on for the next few years with mixed success and then gave it up and got a real job in 1973. I continued to ride some sportsman races through the '70s but had quit racing completely by 1980 and quit road riding after a motorcycle trip through Europe in '84.

I didn't throw a leg over a motorcycle again until some of my friends talked me into riding an AHRMA vintage motocross in 2003. They supplied me with a motorcycle and complete riding gear so I had no excuses not to ride. Of course then I was hooked again. I soon bought me a 1967 BSA 441 and built me a Classic 500 motocross bike out of it. I fondly named it the "VicTim."

I won the AHRMA 500 Classic national intermediate title on the VicTim in 2005 and then built a Rickman 441 for the expert class. I rode mostly AVDRA races after that and won a couple of Classic 500 Expert class championships on that.

I built a Trackmaster BSA 650 in 2006 and rode a few AHRMA short tracks and TTs and then in 2009, I found out about Eddie's series and knew I had found a home. The motocross stuff is fine but I'm a flat tracker at heart. Now I ride all of Eddie's races and as many SCFTA short tracks that I can.

Well now I am retired again. At 65, with no series injuries since 1969, it's time to hang up my skid shoe.